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Global 1 Solutions is the premier provider of credit and debit card processing along with related merchant account services for independent business owners located in Madison, WI and regionally. Now you have a choice...make it count!

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We guarantee customer satisfaction by offering merchants credit card processing at the lowest rates offered. We service all types of business including retail/storefront, ecommerce, mail order/phone order and mobile/wireless.

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Plus, with Global 1 Solutions, you get our world class LIVE customer service and technical support that represents you locally. So if ever and whenever you need us, we'll be there!


Global 1 Solutions offers a complete line of EMV Chip Compliant POS, Wireless, Mobile and Virtual equipment.

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Turn your Android or iPhone into a card processing terminal now! Look at orders, issue refunds, view your transactions, anywhere and anytime as long as you access to internet.


We offer wireless and virtual credit card processing for our merchants. Our cost effective solutions provide you with the freedom, flexibility and convenience to accept credit cards quickly and securely.

POS Solutions and Credit Card Merchant Services

We offer multiple solutions which can be customized to meet your specific requirements. Our team understands the challenges businesses face to make your payment methods as flexible, accessible and profitable as possible. In many cases, a portable system can enhance conversion rates, as well as provide an opportunity to persuade your customers to purchase more and reward them for doing so. The options we offer include solutions such as vouchers, phone orders, and a variety of POS systems that offer an exceptional selection of features, including instant invoicing, free training and flexible processing rates.

Global 1 Merchant Solutions – Your Source for POS Solutions in Madison, WI

Payment with some type of card is now the most popular retail payment method for Americans. Nobody that sells products or services retail can afford to ignore the sales growth opportunities with accepting credit card payments. That means it is essential to have a robust credit card payment processing system. This may mean you need a point-of-sale (POS) system that is portable, making it ideal for festivals, expos, market stalls or street trading. Or, your POS system must incorporate a range of features to make payment, up-selling and customer loyalty rewards easier to process and track. Regardless of your needs, Global 1 Merchant Solutions is your source for POS solutions in Madison, WI.

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We provide competitively priced, state-of-the-art services to a wide range of businesses in and around Madison. We are here with the economical answers you need. Let Global 1 Merchant Solutions help you take advantage of cutting-edge technology to enhance your payment acceptance options and see the difference that our mobile, payment processing, and POS solutions can make to your bottom line. To learn more about how our solutions can help you or to tell us what you're looking for, call us at (608) 520-4956.

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Leading provider of electronic payment solutions and related merchant services for small to medium size businesses in the Midwest Headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin, we offer multiple cost-effective solutions.

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All major credit cards
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Recurring Billing
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Instant approvals
Lightweight, portable equipment
Internal pin pad for debit acceptance

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Derrick Taylor, 47, had been in the banking industry for 20 years and the payments technology industry for a decade until he tired of the corporate minutia and what he describes as a broken payments technology system. Last year, he struck out on his own to launch Global 1 Solutions, and he’s trying to fix

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For many people retiring to a tropical island is the final destination on the road to success. For Dominic Hadeed and his company Blue Waters Products, Ltd., the Caribbean is the place where success began. Hadeed’s company started small, selling bottles of purified water with the help of a handful of employees and two trucks.

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Global 1 Solutions is a National Payments Technology company headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin. Our goal is to create Synergy while Reducing the risk and headaches associated with credit card processing.

Gift Cards

From large chain stores to nail salons to your local hardware store, more and more establishments are offering gift cards as an option for their customers. Not just for the holidays anymore, gift cards are a great way to increase revenue and profits for all retailers, restaurants, and other merchants year round.

Phone Orders

Offer your customers a convenient shopping experience without ever leaving their homes. For credit card processing, these transactions only require the customer to provide you with their credit card information and you, the merchant, can process the transaction without the customer's signature.

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We exist to change the way payments are accepted and to be advocates for businesses nationwide. Integrity and Transparency, sets the foundation for everything we do. We take great pride in our Customer Centric Culture.. 
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